The dog who came to tea.

‘Tea’ was one of the few words Emilie said when she turned 1. Every time she saw us having a cuppa, she would point at the cup and say ‘tea’. So it made me think…hmm…should I buy her own tea set or is it way too early?

So I researched online for some tea sets, but unfortunately they were all labelled as 3 years +. But, I ignored the labels and bought a cheap one off Amazon to give it a try.

Glad I did because it has been a hit ever since! At first we just mimicked the sipping cup action and saying ‘tea’, now we have progressed to pouring in tea and milk, scooping sugar, stirring and pretend to drink the invisible tea.

Join in please!

Emilie likes everyone to join in, so without any doubt Toby has to pretend to drink tea too, although I am pretty certain that he has no idea what she’s shoving in his face. What he does know though is that it’s definitely not food :).

Toby being forced to eat plastic cake.

Language development

Pretending to share food/drink has given Emilie the opportunity to use simple phrases such as “have some tea”, “milk please”, “blow, it’s hot”, “stir”, “more tea please” or “cake please”.

Number development

I know it might be early for an under 2 to count, but as Emilie is quite precocious, I often add in the phrase “How many….” and straight away she knows that she has to use her index finger to count. Sometimes it goes a bit wrong and she counts up to ten when we only have 3 spoons. But hey..she is definitely on the right track :).

Play Variations

Having the teapot and a cup in the bath is also one of Emilie’s favourite games. And…we cannot forget to mention the famous “I’m a little tea pot” Nursery Rhyme. Pretty simple really – I hold the tea pot in my hand and together we sing:

“I’m a little tea pot, short and stout,

Here’s my handle, here’s my spout, (showing her where the handle and the spout is)

When the tea is ready, hear me shout, (I lift the lid up and we actually shout really loud which she absolutely loves doing)

Tip me over and pour me out.” (literally I pretend to pour the tea in the cup)

…and then I ask her “A little bit more?” and she goes “Yes please mummy”.

Food for thought:

  • Any other variations/ideas on how to play pretend tea parties?
  • Do you play tea parties with boys too? Are they interested at all in this kind of imaginative play?

Mummy Tammy x

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