A Pinterest fan.

I’ve always been a Pinterest fan, looking for hairstyles, home decorations, crafts, ideas for my classroom displays… the list goes on. But lately I’ve switched my search to ‘Toddler activities’ and  I tend to do an easy activity every school holiday as I need to find ways to occupy myself and my daughter.

On our last Christmas holidays I worked on creating a personalised Alphabet book for Emilie. I gathered ideas from Pinterest and created the following :


The materials used were:

  • Coloured card (bought from The Range)
  • Laminating sheets (The Range)
  • Ring binders (Ebay)
  • Laminating machine (which I had for while)
  • Trimmer/ scissors (to split the A4 card in two)

I also needed lots of patience to take photos of a few of Emilie’s belongings or things she’s familiar with as well as finding cute clip art, print everything off and stick them on white paper, then onto the coloured card.

All in all it was a success,but as with any new toy or book she wouldn’t let go of it for the first 3 days and now it sits there gathering dust with the rest of her collection. 😑

Next thing I tried over the Christmas holidays was using a box which I was about to recycle and turned it into a colour sorting activity. Luckily enough, as she’s a massive fan of colours, we get this box out every single day! You can imagine what my living room floor would be like with all those balls scattered around 😣.

Materials needed:

  • An unused cardboard box
  • Ball pit balls
  • Coloured pens
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • A4 paper if it’s not a plain box


Now..our latest activity which we have tried only 2 days ago over this half term. It’s a sticker sorting activity, an activity I got from Pinterest and can also be found on: http://busytoddler.com/2017/02/sticker-sorting-activity/

As I already had plenty of stickers and coloured card, I thought I’d give it a go. It’s very easy to set up, but my daughter’s  attention span is still quite low so the activity only lasted about 10minutes. I think she got a bit frustrated that she couldn’t do the activity independently. I had to ask her which coloured sticker she wanted,I peel it off for her and then give it to her to stick on the card. But hey.. she’s only 21 months and the fact that she knows most of the colours already, I think she’s a genius 😀😆🤓!!

Excuse the random tree and dinosaur stickers. I’m not quite sure how they got there😂.

Materials I used:

Food for thought 🤔:

  • Have you tried any of these activities with your toddler?
  • Anything you would do differently?
  • Do you think these activities are suitable for an under 2?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.


Mummy Tammy x

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