The wonders of Nursery Rhymes.

I never thought I’d enjoy singing Nursery Rhymes as much as I do now.  Thanks to my now 21 month old daughter I find myself singing numerous Nursery Rhymes everyday, some with actions too.

I started using the YouTube Kids app since Emilie was only 3 months old. I know most people would disagree with me for putting my baby in her bouncer in front of a TV screen watching Little Baby Bum or Super simple songs. But hey, she has learnt lots from them.

She has a vast range of vocabulary now, she recites numbers 1-12, she dances, she claps,  she sings, she enjoys music and is having one hell of a good time!

I have also seen the difference in her and other toddlers her age in swimming lessons. She’s the only one that joins in with actions and singing. She’s ever so adorable! I’ve also  been told by her key person at Nursery that she always joins in the singing and has come home with a few Star of the day certificates :).

Our favourites at the moment are Baby shark and Sleeping bunnies. I never knew these songs existed, but they’re amazingly and annoyingly catchy songs that we aren’t tired of singing and dancing to yet. Both songs are sung with actions or Emilie tells me off and you find her yapping at me for not joining in.


Here’s Emilie listening to sleeping bunnies and making her plush toys join in too 💜.

Food for thought…🤔

  • Do you sing Nursery Rhymes with your little one?
  • Do you use the YouTube Kids app?
  • What are your thoughts on Super Simple Songs and Little Baby Bum?

Mummy Tammy x


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